Upcoming topics

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Past topics

  • Data engineering and data pipelines.
  • Deep learning and machine learning libraries.
  • Data science workflows and use cases. Discussed data science platforms such as Domino Data Lab, Alteryx, Anaconda, and more.
  • Deploying and managing applications with Kubernetes.
  • Developing and deploying applications to the web using products like GitHub, Netlify, and others.
  • Securing elastic infrastructure with access controls. Discussed SSO solutions such as Okta and Auth0, and Priviledged Access Management solutions such as Teleport, CyberArk, and Centrify.
  • NoSQL databases and their use cases. Discussed FoundationDB, MongoDB, various key-value and document stores.
  • Application and infrastructure monitoring. Discussed solutions such as New Relic, Opas AI, Dynatrace, Splunk, and others.
  • Logging solutions and use cases: Scalyr, Sumo Logic, Loggly, and more.
  • Project management software alternatives to Jira and Trello.
  • GitHub security and policy controls for organizations with thousands of contributors.
  • Recurring payment processing options on the market.
  • Marketing attribution software for web and mobile.