Shape the future of software.

The Software Buyers Council is a panel of engineers and data scientists who want to share expert knowledge, contribute to improvement of software, and help startups in their industry.

Join the council to receive occasional invitations to chat with me for 30 minutes about your area of expertise and software usage. No obligations, no marketing emails or sales calls. Just a short chat to shape the future of software in your industry.

Screenshot from a Software Buyers Council call

The chats are requested by software startups that want to learn what their audience is thinking, test ideas and messaging, and uncover blind spots. They will never see your contact information, only the general takeaways after 5-10 chats are completed.

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Why join?

  • Make a big impact. All studies are requested by startup founders who are committed to making big changes based on the feedback they receive. You’ll know the purpose of your chat before accepting the invitation. Each study relies on just 5-10 conversations, so each conversation carries weight and influence.

  • Be heard. Have one-on-one conversations with me, not some market research corporation. Informal conversation about topics that interest you. No judgement, no sales pitch, no cross-examination.

  • Minimal effort and no commitment. You can leave at any time by unsubscribing. Accept, reject, or ignore invitations as you wish. When you accept an invitation, you can choose the date and time, and the chats are only 30 minutes on Zoom. Nothing to prepare before or after. You’ll chat with me, not someone from the startup, so it’s low-pressure and informal. Your contact or identifying information will never be shared with the company, so you will not receive any marketing emails or sales calls from participating.

  • Help the startup community and your peers. Your input will help software startups (not mega corporations) and your peers who use or might use that software in the future.

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